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Market Hours : Thur. 9am - 6pm | Fri. 9am - 7pm | Sat. 8am - 4pm

Breakfast, Coffee and Donuts Available at 7:30am

Phone : (610) 374-1916

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What's everyone else saying?

This market is so unique, friendly and the foods are wonderful! Cannot think of any time I purchased something I didn't like. I enjoy the specials they offer, as well as the senior discount on Thursdays. But, I don't confine my shopping to just Thursdays. You get great quality, service... it's worth the trip! It may not be as large as some markets, but it's the best kept secret of Wyomissing - Reading! We especially enjoy the pickles and have taken them as far as Philadelphia and Lancaster to share. The bakery surpasses any other I've been to and the donuts are scrumptious! These are but a few of the items we purchase every week. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

-- Charlann Henry - Sinking Spring, PA - 11/21/16

Our family can often be found at Wyomissing Farmer's Market on a Friday night. We are starting to get to know the vendors and they are all so fantastic. One vendor came to bring my daughter a sample at the table while we were eating last night. Every week we find a new favorite yummy thing. Organic beef and chicken, raw milk, fabulous desserts (shoo fly pie!! whoopie pies, donuts, Asher's chocolates), you can find a goldmine of "the good stuff" there without all those preservatives the grocery stores have. Don't miss the stuffed mushrooms at the pizza place. This place has started to feel like home.

-- Gennel Zimmerman

The food is great!!!!

-- Linda Ferraro

Farmers Market of Wyomissing