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Market Hours : Thur. 9am - 6pm | Fri. 9am - 7pm | Sat. 8am - 4pm

Breakfast, Coffee and Donuts Available at 7:30am

Phone : (610) 374-1916

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Jeanmarie Mohrman / 07/17/2018, 01:26 PM

+3 -0

10.0 "A wonderful alternative to the chain grocery stores."

  • 2. Married
  • 3. Family w/children
  • +We have been doing all of our weekly grocery shopping here for close to 5 years. The meat, poultry, deli meat, prepared salads, bakery items and produce are all fresh and keep well all week long. The prices are better then the grocery stores in most cases. We love being able to grab dinner or breakfast depending on which day we shop, every stand has something delicious to offer!
  • -The one complaint I have is that they close at 7 on Friday. I work about an hour away from the area, and getting there on Friday night to do weekly shopping can be tough sometimes.

Dale O. Longenecker Jr. / 07/17/2018, 11:00 AM

+3 -0

10.0 "Fantastic experience overall with great prepared foods!"

  • 2. Married
  • +Awesome prepared foods and extensive product selection for a smaller market. Extremely clean and well maintained environment. Plenty of parking.
  • -Making up my mind or deciding what to eat in the Food Court area. With everything being so good, it's hard to make a decision what I want. There's always going back another day and trying something else though.

A regular visitor!! / 10/27/2017, 08:19 AM

+5 -0

10.0 "Great prepared food. BBQ and Sunrise grill are excellent! "

  • 1. Single
  • +Clean! Fresh food! Great service
  • -None

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